Who We Are Now

We are grounded in the heritage of the community, in its history and families that have lived here for generations. We are a community that is proud, loyal and built with depth of character yet unafraid to pursue, develop and expand into a modern city. We are a city that respects it roots and take pleasure in its contemporary ventures; who proudly celebrates its diversity in business, arts, and community events and organizations.

Vogel’s and Foster’s has been an integral part of Chelsea’s heritage and history since 1910. Our heritage is the foundation of our company, that intangible feeling that you get when you walk into a room and instantly know there is something special here, something delightful, something nostalgic yet modern; that quirky mix so prevalent in Chelsea.

Vogel’s and Foster’s define that feeling in its clothing, jewelry, and accessories. We immerse ourselves in classic clothing that are the staples of any wardrobe, featuring Woolrich, Pendleton, and the modern classic Michigan made Stormy Kromer. We delight in the creativity of our American made designers who feature fashion forward clothing with excellent craftsmanship and details described as beautiful, or funky, or exciting. From the elegant lines of Fenini and Bills Khakis to the fun styles of baabaazuzu, Tommy Bahama, and Old Guys Rule, we are proud to expand our selection of classics with fresh designs that are fashion forward yet will still look amazing and modern in the next decade.

Brighton is another of our partnerships that excite us. Their jewelry is fun, nostalgic and sweet: designed to offer a personal touch that will inspire the wearer. The handbags and accesories are artfully designed and skillfully crafted into many styles; traditional, functional, vibrant and funky (to name a few).

Vogel’s and Foster’s is a business grounded in community heritage, proud of its classic lines of clothing and accessories and excited to integrate the fresh fashion forward lines that seamlessly mix with our classic.

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