Bad Latitude

Bad Latitude ensemble featuring skirt, tee, and drape sweatshirt.

Bad Latitude ensemble featuring skirt, tee, and drape sweatshirt.

What are we about? 

Bad Latitude is a collection of innovative travel knitwear.  Pieces that make for efficient packing, and adapt effortlessly to your lifestyle.  What does this mean?  It means you don’t have to spend days packing when the time comes to hit the road! Just grab, and go.  Our clothing is smartly designed to be worn multiple ways, and can be combined in a variety of ways, so you never have to wear the same outfit twice.  Leave the suitcase you would have checked at the airport at home, all you need is a carry-on.


All of our pieces are made out of a beautiful bamboo/cotton/spandex blend.  This gives you the amazing benefits of bamboo fiber, with the comfort and easy care of cotton/spandex.  Why do we love bamboo so much?  We’ll tell you!



Among its properties bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.  This means your clothes will stay fresher longer, and won’t attract bacteria, mold, and mildew.  This is extremely important for those with allergies.

Bamboo adapts to your body’s temperature, so you’ll stay cool in the summer, and warm in winter.

Fabric made from bamboo is more absorbent than other textiles, wicks moisture away from your body, and dries quickly, which means all day comfort.

On top of this, bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco friendly fibers to produce.  It is the fastest growing plant on earth, and can grow up to 36 inches in one day!  Planting bamboo improves soil and air quality, and is 100% biodegradable.

If that’s not enough reason to jump on the bamboo train, we don’t know what is!

Our Commitment-

We strive every day to get women thinking differently about how and why they wear their clothing.   Why pay a crazy amount of money for a scarf, that can only be worn as a scarf, when you could also wear it as a skirt, or a shrug (we’re looking at you Utilitube!)   The way we dress matters, and it has the potential to have a huge impact on society and the environment.  We’re committed to sustainable practices in manufacturing, and for us this means keeping production in house-always.  Sewn manufacturing is a vital skill to this state and nation, and we want to see it thrive.

You can see Bad Latitude clothing at Vogels and Fosters or at “The Runway”, located in the Knapps Building, 300 S. Washington Ave. Suite 100 in Lansing, MI.